SW Manchester Demo teams!


The very first Startup Weekend in Manchester is on its final day, and it’s been quite a journey! Here is the pitch lineup for presentations tonight. Hope to see you there!



The smart way to find a job. www.Jobr.io uses the number of job vacancies for the specific occupation that you want in your chosen part of the country to let you what your chances are of getting that job. For example, Peter is a Chef and he wants to get a new job as a Chef in Manchester, them website tells that based on data his chances are good but they are so much better in Liverpool. Hench jobr.io the new smart way to find a job.


Context sensitive journey planning. People don’t really want to use public transport – but they want to go somewhere, and public transport is one thing that enables them to do that. We want to re-invent how journey planning fits into getting you to where you want to go.

Excellencia Innovations

Licensia is a innovative and secure web based tool which if implemented successfully can help enterprise customers save up to 25% on their software license costs. We expect this product to have exceptionally good revenue earning potential in a very short space of time.

Social Timebomb

Want to motivate yourself to get stuff done?
With Social Timebomb, failure is not an option.
Achieve your goal or get embarrassed on Facebook.
Your choice.



We’re making email better by simplifying inbox interaction.


Building a better relationship for you by organising the little things that mean the world, at the right time.


A fun, social lifestyle tool, that helps you create those healthy habits you’ve always wanted but never managed to.

Go Annotate

Simple online critiques for writers


Building a tool to make it easier for educators to curate and share content with students in a way that they can easily consume and collaborate. Current tools used by educational establishments are outdated and increasingly irrelevant to the facebook and iphone generation.


Getting the right people into the right jobs through one-off special challenges and events. We aim to crowd-source challenges and problems that potential job-hunters can test themselves against, in order to aid and improve a company’s recruitment process.