3 days to go to Manchester Start-up Weekend supported by Barclays…



In a world where people want their banks to be more considerate and responsive to meet customer need, the technology teams at Barclays are really keen to find new ways to promote and support technology and entrepreneurship.  I’m Julian Bucknall, Service Development Manager at Barclays, and really pleased that we are partnering with the team at Manchester Tech Hub this weekend to support Start-Up weekend.  In the North West region of the UK alone, we employ over 3000 technology and operations staff at our global technology centre in Knutsford Cheshire.  At this site we led Barclays response to customer demand for new products with our 2012 launch of the first smartphone payments solution in Europe, called Pingit, and our mobile banking solution which achieved over 1 million downloads in 3 months.

The way we hire, develop and implement our Digital and Mobile products requires talented, creative people to bring ideas to life.  The opportunity to see how technology entrepreneurs mobilise at events like the Start-Up weekend is invaluable experience for us.  Over the weekend, Barclays technology colleagues will be available to meet participants of the event.  We have nothing to sell, just a genuine interest in a format that develops ideas into solutions in super quick time.

The Start-Up weekend launches our forthcoming year’s support of the Manchester Tech Hub opening its doors this month to entrepreneurs in the region.  Encouraging technology talent to create and build their businesses in this region makes absolute sense for us.  As they grow, they in turn encourage more people to consider and prosper in careers in technology.  Collectively, all technology employers then benefit from a wider pool of skilled resources that create a sustainable eco-system of talent across the North-West UK.

Barclays is responding to and learning from the challenges and opportunities that technology innovation presents.  We’re really pleased with the opportunity to participate in events like Start-Up Weekend in Manchester.